(updated 24/2/22)


​It’s important that you read & understand this information, booking / attending an

appointment implies that you’ve done so & your compliance


​​​● Cancelling / rescheduling appointments with under 24 hours of notice will be charged for at 50%, unless I can fill the appointment. Missed appointments will be charged for in full. You’ll need to pay these charges prior to booking another appointment & possibly for future appointments in advance. In exceptional circumstances I may be sympathetic to this condition

Gift Vouchers: Valid for several months, please note the expiration date as extensions are not possible. Not redeemable for cash / products. Treatment discounts / offers not valid on vouchers. Not transferable to another person

● To also read, understand & comply with the ‘Covid-19 information’ for Donna Robbins Therapies (this is sent to you with your initial booking confirmation & is also on my website)

Be punctual. If you’re a little late I’ll do my best to be as accommodating as possible to ensure you receive a full treatment, but I can't guarantee it & you’ll still be required to pay in full. Don’t arrive more than 10 minutes early I’ll probably be busy & unable to answer the door, please note that if I’m with a client both my doorbell & mobile will be on silent


● I don’t have a waiting area for either yourself or others that may of arrived with you


● Not to attend an appointment intoxicated. You’ll be refused treatment, asked to pay in full & leave


● Attend appointments with good standards of personal hygiene


● Inform me of any changes to your state of health, medications or contact details


Behave respectfully. Not to threaten, use offensive language or violence against any person in the vicinity. If you do you’ll need to pay in full & leave. You’ll be reported & not offered further appointments


Not to make romantic or sexual advances. Sexual requests will NOT be accommodated! Breach of this WILL result in you being reported! You’ll need to pay in full, leave & not be offered further



If you become sexually aroused during an appointment treatment WILL be stopped immediately! You’ll need to pay in full, leave & not be offered further appointments


● In respect of massage treatments where you need to undress you must wear & keep on appropriate underwear which covers the genital area effectively at all times



● I'm professionally trained, qualified & insured


● I'm registered with appropriate professional governing bodies & adhere to guidelines


● To be treated with respect whatever your race, gender, sexuality & belief system


● Personal information is treated confidentially, unless there's a safeguarding concern to yourself, others or



● Information gathered about you is considered ‘Health Records’ & I’m professionally obliged to retain it securely for several years. You have the right to see this information


● Consultation, assessment & review of your individual needs prior to treatment, based on the

information you disclose


● Information about your therapy treatment (type, length, process & cost) so that you may be involved in decision making about your care


● If I feel my services may not meet your needs, to be signposted to other healthcare professionals that might better suit you in addressing your concerns