'I keep you safe / You keep me safe'

Being responsible & staying as safe as possible is important.

The information given below is about what I'm doing to ensure your safety & what is expected of you as a client of mine. It's in accordance with guidelines from trusted sources like: NHS, government, professional governing bodies & my insurance company. As guidelines change I will review & amend it.


- Risk assessments have been completed & measures taken accordingly to manage them

- I will wear the appropriate officially stipulated PPE (currently = type 2 mask & protective glasses or face shield)

- I will wash my hands, forearms & elbows before & after treatments

- I will ventilate & clean the therapy room & all common areas before & after every appointment

- I will thoroughly wash all laundry used at every appointment

- I will wear a fresh uniform for every client

- Maximum treatment time will be 60 minutes for the time being, in order to limit face to face time

- For the time being, new client consultations will be done via telephone & online forms (this is to limit face to face contact time until the pandemic situation settles down)

- Home visits will unfortunately not be offered until the pandemic situation settles down

- I will take my temperature everyday

- I will not see clients if I have any symptoms

- If I develop symptoms I will get tested & self isolate as required

- I will inform you if I develop symptoms & have seen you within the past 14 days

- I am respecting social distancing & staying at home as much as possible

- I will get an asymptomatic /  lateral flow tests every week, as per government guidance

- I have had my first vaccination & will have my second one as soon as it becomes avail' to me


- If you’ve been diagnosed with any serious or complex health conditions & have had Covid-19 you MUST get consent from your GP or other appropriate medical practitioner before I may offer you any treatments

- To complete & return to me any initial or precautionary Coronavirus  or consultation forms that I email you prior to an appointment, in order to limit face to face time together

- You should not have a complementary therapy treatment if it's been less than 48 hours since you've had a vaccination, of any type, or if you are experiencing side effects from a vaccination

- To ensure good standards of personal hygiene (preferably be recently showered & wearing fresh clothing to your appointment)

- To wear any PPE that is officially stipulated or that you would personally like to (a face covering must be worn during your entire visit, unless treatment necessitates or you are exempt)

- To only bring essential items with you to an appointment e.g. keys, payment method

- To remove your shoes upon entering a clinic location (for those unable to do so disposable shoe covering will be avail')

- To bring your own drinking water

- At any clinic location, not to touch door handles, light switches etc as much as possible but rather allow me to do so

- To be aware that pre, during & post treatment conversation is to be kept as minimal / efficient as possible

- Sanitise your hands upon arrival (& before leaving if you wish)

- To have your temperature taken at the start of every appointment

- Preferably not to pay by cash or cheque but rather by: bank transfer, paypal or card (2% card charge)

- That you understand what the symptoms of the virus are

- To inform me if you develop symptoms, or have been in close contact with somebody that has, after booking & prior to attending an appointment

- To inform me if you develop symptoms within 14 days after your appointment & please inform me of results of testing you may of had or do have

- To of been respecting social distancing guidelines

- To be aware that information may need to be released to local health protection authorities or track & trace

Thank you for taking the time to read this & your cooperation.

Whilst perhaps all this may seem like a bit of an inconvenience, due to the infectious nature

of the virus things need to operate a little differently for the time being.

So until circumstances change let's all do the best we can to protect each other.

Stay safe & healthy wishes to you all!






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