'I keep you safe / You keep me safe'

Being responsible & staying as safe as possible is important.

The information given below is about what I'm doing to ensure your safety

& what is expected of you as a client of mine.

It's in accordance with guidelines from trusted sources like: NHS, government,

professional governing bodies & my insurance company.

As guidelines change I'll review & amend.


- Risk assessment has been completed & measures taken accordingly to manage

- I wear a mask throughout the duration of your visit

- I wash my hands, forearms & elbows before & after treatments

- I wear a clean uniform for every client

- I ventilate & clean the therapy room & all common areas before & after every appointment

- I thoroughly wash all massage laundry used at every appointment

- I regularly do asymptomatic / lateral flow tests & check my temperature daily

- I'm fully vaccinated

- If I develop symptoms I'll get tested & self isolate as required

- I'll inform you if I develop symptoms & have seen you within the past 14 days

- To limit face to face contact time, new client consultations will be done via telephone & online forms

- Home visits will unfortunately not be offered until the pandemic situation settles down a little more


- If you’ve been diagnosed with any serious or complex health conditions & have had Covid-19 you MUST get consent from your GP or other appropriate medical practitioner before I may offer you any treatments

- You should not have a complementary therapy treatment if it's been less than 48 hours since you've had a vaccination, of any type, or if you're experiencing side effects from a vaccination

- To complete any forms that I send you at the very latest 48 hours before an appointment

- To be aware that conversation before & after your treatment is to be kept as efficient as possible in order to limit face to face contact time

- To ensure good standards of personal hygiene

(preferably be recently showered & wearing fresh clothing to your appointment)

- To wear a face covering during your entire visit, unless treatment necessitates or you are exempt

- To ensure your face covering is well fitting & covers your nose & mouth

(if it does not I'll provide you with a disposable mask & ask you to wear it)

- To sanitise your hands upon arrival

(if you then touch personal items or your mask to re-sanitise your hands)

- To have your temperature taken at the start of every appointment

- To only bring essential items with you e.g. keys, payment method

- To bring your own drinking water

- To remove your shoes upon entering the premises

- Not to touch door handles, light switches etc as much as possible but rather allow me to do so
- Preferably not to pay by cash or cheque but rather by: bank transfer, paypal or card (2% card charge)

- That you understand what the symptoms of the virus are

- To inform me if you develop symptoms or have been in close contact with somebody that has before attending an appointment

- To inform me if you develop symptoms within 14 days after your appointment & inform me of results of testing you may of had or do have

- To be aware that information needs to be released to local health protection authorities or track & trace in the event that a covid situation arises. I keep a record of all visitors, you may also check in using my QR code poster

Thank you for taking the time to read this & your cooperation.

Whilst perhaps all this may seem like a bit of an inconvenience, due to the infectious nature

of the virus things need to operate a bit differently for the time being

in order to do the best we can to protect each other.


Safe & healthy wishes to you all!

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