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(as at 21/9/23)

‘Let’s continue to keep each other safe'

It’s important that you read & understand this information,

booking / attending an appointment implies that you’ve done so & your compliance.



​● If you’ve been diagnosed with any serious or complex health conditions & have had Covid-19 you MUST get consent from your GP or other appropriate medical practitioner before I may offer you any treatment.

​● You should not have a complementary therapy treatment if it's been less than 48 hours since you've had a vaccination, of any type, or if you're experiencing side effects from a vaccination.

● To ensure good standards of personal hygiene (preferably be recently showered & wearing fresh clothing for your appointment).

​​● Preferably not to pay by cash or cheque but rather by: bank transfer, PayPal or card (2% card charge).

● That you understand what the symptoms of the virus are & inform me if you have any / feel unwell prior to attending an appointment.

● To also read, understand & comply with my Therapy Terms & Conditions (on the online form I send you a link to & also on my website).


● Keeping up to date with official guidelines & adjusting my working practices accordingly.

● Risk assessment has been carried out & measures taken accordingly to manage.

● If you wish, I will wear a mask throughout the duration of your visit (it’s your choice whether you wish to wear a face covering or not).

● I wash my hands, forearms & elbows before & after treatments.

● I wear a clean uniform for every client.

● All laundry is clean & fresh for every appointment.

● All massage equipment & the treatment room is cleaned for every appointment.

● I’m fully vaccinated.

● I check my temperature daily.

● I will do asymptomatic / lateral flow tests if I have any symptoms, or am at all concerned.

● If I develop symptoms / feel unwell I will let you know & reschedule your appointment accordingly.

​● To limit face to face contact time, some of the new client consultation will be completed via telephone & an online form.

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