Treatments include aromatherapy at no extra cost.

CBD Oil may be added for a small additional fee of £3 - £5.

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ITHMA Professional Holistic Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma Certification - Donna Robbins Therapies in Margate, Thanet

Aromatherapy is the use of oils extracted from aromatic plants.

Each essential oil has unique therapeutic characteristics.

In my early 20's, I was introduced to Aromatherapy when I worked in an office. Struggling with menstrual issues my manageress made a blend for me & told me to rub it on my abdomen & lower back. Thinking she was a bit strange & hippie but not wanting to offend I obliged. Wow! really helped! From that point onwards I was hooked. So what then started as a hobby later became a career.


In 1997 I began professional studies, with ITHMA, & in 1999 I qualified. Since then I've used aromatics extensively throughout my practice (& personally) both holistically & clinically. Honestly I don't think I could live without aromatics in my life now!


The treatments I offer include aromatherapy at no extra cost to you. CBD Oil may be included for a small additional fee of £3 - £5.


After consultation oils are selected according to your individual needs & olfactory prefences. Including botanicals in treatments increases the therapeutic value & potency of your care. However if you don't wish to have aromatherapy included as part of your treatment then that's ok.


Each oil has a differing chemical composition & therapeutic qualities. Diluted & applied to the skin or inhaled their innate therapeutic powers are imparted. They are natural, work in harmony with your body & are beneficial on physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels.

Aromatherapy Treatments - Donna Robbins Therapies in Margate, Thanet, Kent



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Professional in-clinic therapy sessions are great but not the only way to utilise aromatherapy. I handcraft bespoke blends & products so as that your aromatherapy treatment may be continued at home to further support your health & well-being. There are many ways you may benefit from this effective form of therapy at home e.g. oils, creams, balms, roll-ons, sprays, baths & inhalations etc. These products also make wonderful personalised gifts!

Please contact me if you are interested or would like more information.

All preparations are individually priced


Shop Online - buy Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Products - Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Skin Body & Hair Care, Natural Remedies, Herbal Tea, CBD Oil - Donna Robbins Independent Consultant

I have a Neal's Yard Remedies Organic (NYRO) website shop. Click the link above or the picture to shop online.

There you will find: Gifts, Essential Oils, Aromatherapy products, Diffusers, Facial & Skin Care products, Body & Bath products, Hair Care products, Mother & Baby products, a Men's range, Herbal Teas & Natural Remedies.

Products are safe, ethical, sustainable & award winning. They contain no nasties & work in harmony with the body.

You may of course buy from a regular Neal’s Yard store. You’ll get exactly the same products, the only difference in using my web shop is that I get a little commission & you’d be supporting my small business.

If you'd like advice on which products to get I'm an Independent Consultant & happy to help so please get in touch with me.



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