These services are designed to fulfil the employee well-being & public advocacy marketing needs of businesses, whether you are a small start up or larger corporation. 

As each business is unique there's no one size fits all package & services are tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Please get in touch for more information & to discuss your company's needs.


The positive health of your company is invaluable & this means looking after those who make it all possible...your staff. Putting your employees first by offering well-being support helps staffers find healthy solutions to address physical, mental & emotional concerns of employees. The returns of such investments are shown to be significant. Enhanced employee well-being equals increased moral & staff productivity & reduced sick leave & absenteeism. All this makes for a happier & healthier company.

I may come to you & provide on-site services: therapies, talks, workshops or training about your health industry associated products (like essential oils or massage equipment supplies).

If this isn't feasible due to logistical concerns such as current Covid-19 social distancing guidelines or the fact that many people are now working from home, I can provide services remotely via conference & video calling technology like zoom.


Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Conventions, Product launches, Promotions, Demonstrations, Hospitality Events, Functions, Private Label Events, On-set....

Using therapies to support business ventures & showcase your company can really make an effective difference.


They're a great way to add visual appeal to marketing, engage customers, enhance presentations, create hype or reflect the personality & appearance of your brand.

So whatever the reason - hosting, exhibiting or sponsoring - why not make your business more noticeable & stand out above the rest?!