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Treatments include top quality & ethically sourced organic:

essentail oils, base oils, phytol oils & CBD oil (at no extra cost)

Therapies are available as an individual type or in combination within a treatment session

For those of you that have already met me, you'll know that I'm a complete & utter massage geek. I absolutely love it & the power of touch therapies never stops ceasing to amaze me.


I initially studied bodywork at the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine & Aromatherapy (with Ruth Smith, Alan Stuart & Carola Beresford-Cooke) & qualified in 1999. Since then I have undertaken many forms of post graduate massage & bodywork training & I'm able to offer a wide range of different treatments that encompass both Western & Eastern approaches to healthcare. Throughout my career I've worked with, & successfully helped, a very diverse range of clients with a very broad spectrum of health concerns. 


To the lay person, it can sometimes be a bit of a confusing minefield understanding all the differing massage terminology so if you have any questions or are wondering which style might suit your needs best please do get in touch & we can have a chat about your requirements.



Therapeutic Massage Treatments - Donna Robbins Therapies in Margate, Thanket, Kent

This type of treatment encompasses a diverse range of bodywork techniques including Swedish, Holistic, No Hands, Specific / Deep Tissue / Remedial, Myofascial Release, Stretching & Mobilisation...etc.

After consultation I select appropriate techniques & tailor a bespoke massage experience that is fully adapted to your requirements & the treatment aims that we have discussed. Then at each subsequent appointment we review progress & adjust treatment accordingly. This type of approach means that rarely are two massages ever the same & treatments are fluid in response to your naturally changing care needs.

Whether you just need to relax & de-stress, have specific health conditions or are addressing soft tissue & musculoskeletal issues then this is a great choice.

Length of treatment: 45mins/£50, 60mins/£60, 75mins/£70 & 90mins/£80


Hot and Cold Stone Massage Therapy Treatments - Donna Robbins Therapies in Margate, Thanet, Keny

This is a Geo-Thermal form of bodywork dating back thousands of years within both Asian & Native Indian American cultures. It incorporates hand-crafted stones as part of a massage treatment.


Hot stones: warm & soothe muscle tension, increase circulation & encourage relaxation. Cold stones: help reduce inflammation, swelling, tissue damage & injury or trauma in the body. Alternating hot & cold stones facilitates a type of vascular gymnastics. Blood vessels dilate when hot stones are used & constrict when cold stones are used. This opening & closing of the vessels causes a gentle pumping like action within our circulatory systems helping every cell to receive more oxygen, nutrients & increase removal of waste products & toxins. Thus resulting in achieving a similar level of relaxation & rejuvenation as if going to a sauna & then jumping into the plunge pool.


Treatments may be done with both types of stones, or just hot or cold stones. It really depends on your preference & presenting issues.

Length of treatment: 60mins/£60, 75mins/£70 & 90mins/£80



Acupressure and Meridian Massage Therapy Treatments - Donna Robbins Therapies in Margate, Thanet, Kent

This massage, just like Shiatsu, is based on the principles of the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). During a treatment focused attention is paid to various Meridians & Acupressure points of the body to promote good health.


Meridians are the pathways of the body that energy flows along. Each corresponds to certain organs & elements of your constitution. Acupressure points are like command stations along the pathways where our energy may be accessed & influenced.

Health concerns & disease are considered to be due to a disruption & imbalance of our energies. Therefore the aim of treatments is to encourage the body to re-establish balance. 

Length of treatment: 60mins/£60, 75mins/£70 & 90mins/£80


Slavic Warm Oil Massage Therapy Treatments - Donna Robbins Therapies in Margate, Thanet, Kent

This style of massage was developed hundreds of years ago by Slavic people in Central Asia, Western & Eastern Europe. Nomadic tribes used it to maintain the health of themselves & the horses that were so vital to the transport & trade requirements of their livelihoods. It was brought to the UK by Jan Kusmirekleading aromatherapist & founder of Fragrant Earth, with whom I studied in 2005.

It has a wonderful natural hypnotic rhythmic flow & has a profound influence upon the nervous system that is incredibly calming. As hands & forearms follow the contours of the body, circular, diagonal & figure-of-eight movements  are combined with gentle mobilisation & stretching techniques.


Unlike the ancient nomads, who often used yak fat, I use gorgeous warmed aromatic oils which beautifully complement the therapeutic effect of the bodywork upon the nervous system.  Just as in Ayurvedic Abhyanga body massage, a very generous amount of oil is drizzled onto the skin which thoroughly nourishes it & leaves it feeling silky smooth.

Length of treatment: 60mins/£60, 75mins/£70 & 90mins/£80


Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage Therapy Treatments - Donna Robbins Therapies in Margate, Thanet, Kent

IHM is a treatment from the ancient system of medicine Ayurveda, which was developed over 5,000 years ago in the Himalayan region of the Indian subcontinent.


This, traditionally seated, massage covers the upper back, shoulders, neck, arms, hands, head & face. Marma points, the equivalent to the oriental acupuncture points, are also incorporated. It's both relaxing & reviving. Although only a part body treatment, it represents a holistic de-stressing therapy for the whole body & Mind.


​​An aromatic & herbal oil scalp / hair treatment may be included at the end of the massage. In the Indian medicine system there is no distinction between health & beauty & this is a traditional way of further enhancing therapeutic potency, nourishing the scalp & conditioning the hair. Ideally oils should be left on for several hours or preferably overnight to maximise the full benefits.


A guided chakra meditation, including Reiki Energy Renewal, may also be encompassed within an IHM session (a guided meditation, with or without Reiki, may also be included with any other type of treatment).

Length of treatment:

IHM - 45mins/£50

IHM+Hair/Scalp Nourishing Oil Treatment - 60mins/£60

IHM+Hair/Scalp Nourishing Oil Treatment & Chakra Meditation &/or  Reiki - 75mins/£70 & 90mins/£80


Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage Therapy Treatments - Donna Robbins Therapies in Margate, Thanet, Kent

Like Indian Head massage, TAHM is rooted in Ayurveda, although the Tibetan interpretation does differ slightly. This is a gentle & slow massage of the shoulders, neck, head / scalp & face that's performed with the client lying on the treatment table. It's a synergistic fusion of traditional Tibetan Massage & some more modern Western bodywork techniques.


Much of the treatment focus is on varying Tibetan Bon (acupressure) points which are worked repetitively in a slow circular fashion. This application of technique aims to encourage balance & restoration of a healthy flow of energy within the body.


Although a gentle treatment the potential power of it shouldn't be under estimated. It has a profound meditative effect upon the parasympathetic nervous system that induces deep relaxation, imbuing tranquillity & peace of mind. This makes it ideally suited for those that struggle switching off, with mental / emotion health issues or that may be prone to habitual patterns of holding tension, whether on a conscious or subconscious level.

Length of treatment: 45mins/£50 or 60mins/£60


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