Treatments include aromatherapy at no extra cost.

CBD Oil may be added for a small additional fee of £3 - £5.

All treatments may be a standalone therapy or combined as part of a Pick 'n' Mix session.

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic (NYRO)

Professional Facial Practitioner Certification - Neal's Yard Remedies Holistic Organic Aromatherapy - Donna Robbins Therapies in Margate, Thanet, Kent

​​Neal's Yard Remedies (NYR) was founded in 1981, by natural health advocate Romy Fraser, & they were instrumental in establishing ethical, organic well being products in the UK. I've known about their pioneering work since the 90's & have been using natural & organic skin care ever since, that's over 30 years now!

Then a few years ago I decided to become an Independent Consultant as I wanted to be able to professionally advise upon & personally offer my family, friends & clients these exceptional products.

Throughout my career, as a Therapist & Teacher, I've always been passionate about promoting the therapeutic value of botanicals & natural healthcare....but I wanted to be able to offer more. So in 2018 I trained as a Holistic Facial Practitioner, with Ines Willis, at the NYR flagship head quarters in Covent Garden.

Holistic Organic Facials - Neal's Yard Remedies - Donna Robbins Therapies in Margate, Thanet, Kent
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Gorgeous, relaxing, luxury beauty facials using safe, organic, ethical, sustainable & award winning products from Neal's Yard Remedies Organic (NYRO). These products contain no synthetic nasties, they are natural & work in harmony with the body. I utilise a variety of products from different product ranges which enables me to tailor treatments to suit your skin type.

It's such a lovely treatment to both give & receive & wonderfully therapeutic for your skin. Clients always glow with radiance afterwards, report being extremely relaxed & that their skin looks & feels so much better. This is an ideal treatment to help nurture & nourish your skin at anytime of year.

Facials include:

- Cleanse, hot towel & tone

- Exfoliate, hot towel & tone

- Face massage (inc' hot & / or cold stones)

- Mask, hot towel & tone

- Neck & shoulder massage

- Reviving white tea antioxidant toning eye gel

- Nourishing serum & moisturising

- Scalp / Head massage

- White tea antioxidant spritz


Plus a selection of FREE product SAMPLES to take away with you

(All the products used in these facials are available from my online shop)

A 60 minute treatment is £55




A bacial involves exactly the same level of tender loving care & gorgeous organic Neal's Yard Remedies (NYRO) products as in my facials it's just that it's all applied to the full back area. Whilst to some it might sound a bit silly, this treatment is designed to benefit those hard to reach areas, deep cleanse, clarify & soften the skin on your back. This treatment will leave you with clean radiant skin & a healthy glowing back.

Bacials include:
- Cleanse, hot towel & tone
- Exfoliate, hot towel & tone
- Massage of back, shoulders & neck (inc' hot stones)
- Mask, hot towel & tone
- Scalp  / Head massage
- Moisturising

- Reviving white tea antioxidant spritz


Plus a selection of FREE product SAMPLES to take away with you

(All the products used in these bacials are available from my online shop)

A 60 minute treatment is £55



Many of us exercise to improve our bodily muscular health but the 43 muscles of our face are often overlooked. This non invasive beauty treatment, rooted in several Eastern healing systems, uses small silicone cups to create gentle suction & then the cups are moved across the skin. This assists more oxygenated blood to flow to the area, stimulates circulation, lymphatic flow, collagen / fibroblast production & relaxes / tones / improves facial muscular health. Cellular regeneration is enhanced & facial cupping plumps, sculpts & brightens the appearance of skin. It also helps to reduce puffiness, fine lines & wrinkles.


Continuity is the key, frequent treatments (ideally at least once a week for the 1st 6 weeks) are recommended to start with & then regular maintenance treatments (ideally at least once a month). Doing facial cupping at home in between professional sessions will assist in maximising results. I can supply you with your own kit & show you how to perform this if you’d like.


Treatment option 1 - £55

A 60 minute treatment includes:

- Cleanse, tot towel & tone

- Application of Organic Oils inc’ Pricky Pear Seed Oil (ethically sourced from a  rural women’s co-operative in Morocco) which is extremely high in Vit E,   antioxidants & fatty acids

- Cupping of the décolleté, neck & face areas

- Massage of the neck, shoulders & face

- Facial acupressure points that focus on cosmetic benefits

- Cooling facial stones

- Scalp / Head massage

Treatment option 2 - £15

(a) As a 15 minute add on to a NYRO Facial (as detailed above)

(b) As a 15 minute add on to any other therapy treatment (please note the maximum length of treatment I currently offer is 75 minutes)