Treatments include aromatherapy (holistic & or clinical), to further enhance therapeutic value, at no extra cost to you.

Treatments may be used as a standalone therapy or combined with others as part of a Pick 'n' Mix session.

Professional International Institute of Reflexology IIR Certification - Donna Robbins Therapies in Margate, Thanet, Kent

​​I first discovered this therapy in my early 20's at a festival. I was quite frankly blown away by the effect it had on me, both physically & energetically.


In 2003, I completed an AOR (Association of Reflexologists) approved professional diploma course in the original 'Ingham Method' with the, internationally renowned educator & practitioner, Hargar Basis at The International Institute of Reflexology.

Reflexology believes that there are areas in the feet (hands & face) that correspond to all the organs, glands & parts of the body & that health issues or aches & pains in the body are mirrored in these reflex areas.


Dating back as far as Ancient Egypt, Reflexology is a unique & powerful method of using specialised massage type techniques (most commonly applied with the fingers & thumbs) to stimulate reflex areas. It releases congestion & nudges the body toward better functioning by improving circulation of blood, nerve supply & lymph. It assists in homeostasis, helping nature to normalise, reduce stress & tension held by the body.

A 60 minute treatment is £45

Foot Reflexology Therapy Treatment - Donna Robbins Therapies in Margate, Thanet, Kent


Hot and Cold Stone Reflexology Therapy Treatment - Donna Robbins Therapies in Margate, Thanet, Kent

Geo Thermal Stone Reflexology works along the same principles as a conventional reflexology treatment. However, depending on your preferences & health requirements, specialised techniques using hand crafted hot ( & / or cold) stones are incorporated into your therapy session. This further enhances the benefits of a treatment & really does take reflexology to another level!

A 60 minute treatment is £50