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Treatments include top quality & ethically sourced organic:

essential oils, base oils, phytol oils & CBD oil (at no extra cost)

Therapies are available as an individual type or in combination within a treatment session

(although your initial MSTR session will be a stand-alone treatment)

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release MSTR Practitioner - Donna Robbins Therapies in Margate, Thanet, Kent

I initially learnt scar tissue techniques during post graduate massage training  in 2000. Then a few years ago I heard about the MSTR technique & some amazing results that were being achieved. In 2019 I completed my training, followed by a series of in-depth case studies & have had the privilege of working with some very interesting scars inc': breast reduction, mastectomy, appendectomy, major knee reconstruction, plantar Spindle Cell removal, C-Section & major spinal surgery for Spondylolisthesis. All achieved varying but definitely positive results. McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release really has taken my scar tissue knowledge & skill set up a notch.

MSTR Scar Tissue Release Therapy Treatment - Donna Robbins Therapies in Margate, Thanet, Kent

ABOUT SCARS - The body forms scars in natural response to trauma, perhaps from accidents, major surgery, keyhole surgery, amputation, burns, piercings, vaccination etc. As repair occurs a complex of tissue fibres knit together to form a thick mesh that seals & heals the area. The prior normal functioning of these scar tissue sites is alterted. This has an impact on nerve supply, sensation, discomfort, range of movement (rom), blood circulation, lymphatic & energy flow. Additionally there will probably be a lack of elasticity which often causes muscle & fascial imbalances. Scars can be tight & create a pulling feeling too. This can result in referred issues elsewhere in the body e.g. an appendix or C-Section scar may lead to postural issues & back pain. Some scars also hold emotional & psychological memories. Perhaps due to their appearance or the circumstances under which they were created.


ABOUT MSTR - It's a natural manual soft tissue technique, without oils, using the fingertips to apply pressure in multiple directions to scars. No force is involved & application of technique is adjusted to be within your individual threshold of tolerance.  The main aim is to free restrictions, establish a more comfortable & healthier new normal for scars. Appearance & size usually improve too. Results vary but benefits are usually permanent, no matter how long scars have been present. It's likely that several sessions may be required.

Scars must be well healed prior to treatment (which is usually about 8 weeks post trauma). Working over implanted screws & plates is ok but with mesh implants MSTR is not appropriate.

This technique has also proven beneficial for other conditions involving dense fibrous tissue e.g. plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, tendon tears, axillary web syndrome & dupuytren’s contracture.

​Length of initial treatment appointment: 60mins/£60

Follow up appointment times may vary depending on your scar(s) requirements


This is an interesting & informative podcast with Alastair McLoughlin, the founder of the MSTR technique, & Chiropractic Physician Perry Nickelston DC, NKT, FMS, SFMA of

Click on the image, to open in a new window, & listen to the 60 minute podcast.

Additionally, here's a link to the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) website.

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